Frankincense is one of the most precious oils, it has been around for a very long time and has been used for a number of things over the years. It is not a oils you would ingest, its main uses are in diffusers or topically on the skin.

Stress relief is a big thing, stress effects every part of your life, it can make you ill, effect your mood, deprive your body from sleep. Finding ways to re-centre and relieve stress is a very important part of healthy living. Frankincense oil has stress relieving effects. If you are someone who enjoys a bath, next time add some Frankincense oil, just a couple drops is all that is needed. You can also add a few drops to an oil diffuser  to help reduce anxiety.

Essential oils are pretty powerful, for a long time many people thought of them as a placebo or something they saw added as an ingredient to their face creams. It’s much ,ore then that, a lot of the essential oils you will find in store, if you find any at all, are not 100% pure. These products won’t offer the full effects of the essential oils, so make sure that you are always sourcing products that are 100% pure.

Natural cleaner, Frankincense oil is antiseptic, this quality of the oil means it will eliminate bacteria and viruses from your home. It is a natural deodorizer, by adding a few drops into a oil diffuser you can use frankincense to reduce pollution deodorize and cleanse any surface or space within the home.

Topically, this wonderful oil has had the ability to reverse signs of aging and reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars. You can also use the oil to help speed the healing of insect bites, acnes and cuts.

This essential oil can be used on its own, or mixed with other oils to enhance different needs you may have. Some skin care products use it because of its anti aging ability. There are a few cautions as well, some people do find they have some irritation to the skin when using frankincense, as with any new oil, try a very small amount on the skin, and 48 hours if no irritation has appeared you will find it safe to use.


USE IT FOR ITS BENEFITS: Frankincense has been tested and proven over time