Essential oils have really taken the healthy living industry by storm. There are many of us that have pets at home and have some concerns about the health effects of essential oils in your home with your pets.

Just like people, there are some essential oils that will have great healing and relaxing qualities for your pets. But there is another side, there are some that can be toxic to your pet and can also be an irritant to their skin and senses. 

Some things to look for as oils that have tea tree in them. Tea tree can be toxic to your pets if they ingest it. 

Here’s a great list as a guide of 10 doTerra oils and blends that are safe for your pets. All the example here are the concentrated version. When using around your pets or for your pets it is always suggested to dilute the oil using something like fractionated coconut oil or water.

Digestive blend; other wise know as Digestzen is a very prominent smelling essential oil. With the black lickerish undertone it is not an oils that everyone will enjoy the smell of. Although it is safe to ingest for humans, without talking to your vet I wouldn’t suggest a letting your dog ingest this. 

Peppermint; my favourite use for peppermint is muscle pain. A lot of older dogs and many dog breeds suffer from bone and joint issues. Diluting the concentrated peppermint oils with coconut oil and using it as a message out into your dogs sore muscles and joints can be very beneficial. The coconut oil when mixed with the peppermint oil will have a longer lasting effect as it slowly swaps into the muscles and the effects last longer. Peppermint tells the brain to send more blood cells to that area, this makes it a great aches and pain ointment. 

Calming blend; Serenity is best used as a diffused blend. Add just 5 drops into your ultrasonic oil diffuser and diffuse is in your living room while you and your pup unwind after a long day, will help create a sense of calm. I don’t leave my diffusers going when I’m not home. Although I know it’s a safe blend for my dog, I still want to make sure I’m home with them when diffusers are on. 

Grounding blend; Balance is another great blend to diffuse. It has a more earthy smell to it and is another great blend that can be mixed with fractionated coconut oil for a message oil to sore joins and aching muscles. Using topically for a muscles relaxant may also make your dog seem more calm or relaxed. 

Frankincense; there have been a lot of studies that show frankincense to have positive effects on tumors and cancers in humans and in animals. It can be diffused if you can handle the smell. Or it can be mixed with fractionated coconut oil and used to treat snakes and bug bites along with other sores and irritations. 

Protective blend; On Guard is a powerful blend to help dinghy off infection and illness. For your pets it’s a great blend to help with the venom of a bee or wasp sting. In a glass sorry bottle it is a natural and health disinfectant that you can use in the areas your pets live without having to worry about the toxic effects normal household cleaners can have. Topically it can be used to treat sty’s and other pimple and bites on your dog. 

Lemon; this oil can also be used as a great natural cleaner and disinfectant. It’s good for liver function. It can also be used to help stop bleeding. Small bleeds of course, nothing serious. 

Eucalyptus; this oil can be used as an aid to help with kennel cough, some articles out here do have this oil as a possible irritant and one to stay away from. Consult your vet before diffusing this oils to assist with any respiratory or kennel cough issues your dog may have. 

Lavender; this is an oil I always diffuse at sleep time. I find it help myself and my dogs unwind and sleep better. The oil can also be used topically to treat things like sty’s insect bites and small infection along with minor burns.. 

Helichrysum; this oils could be a great one you use in a roller ball mixed with fractionated coconut oil. It could be added to your first aid kit. This oil can be used for cuts and bruises and other minor issues like a cut or bleed. 

All of these blends and oils have been found to be safe for your pet. Just like people pets can have unique allergies and reactions to things that not all other pets have issues with. Testing the product in a very small area using a diluted sample on the skin will let you know if your dog may have a reaction to regular use. You can also consult your vet before you try essential oils in your home to get their input and suggestions for safe use. 

The health demigods of essential oils is endless. If you have any suggestions concerns or anything to add I would love to hear from you, please leave a comment below and let’s talk about it. 

SO MUCH GOODNESS; there really is an oil for that…