if you haven’t gotten a chance to try doTerra essential oils you should really consider it. The 2017 holiday collection is full of must have for the season. These items for the more part are limited edition and won’t be around for long.

Diffusers are a great go to for your home or a gift. In case your don’t know what a diffuser is… it is a mixture of water with a few drops of your favourite essential oil or blend of oils. It uses an ultrasonic wave to send negative ions into the air around you delivering all sorts of benefits. Every oil has different benefits, choose the one that best suits your needs for that day to diffuse

I use a diffuser daily, I have citrus bliss going in the morning and serenity going at night before bed. It’s soothing and the aroma very refreshing.

Roller balls are a mix of your essential oils and fractionated coconut oil for an easy to apply roll on that’s you can carry with you everywhere you go. I have the touch cheer and onguard. I use the cheer almost everyday as an uplifting aroma and a great everyday smell. Onguard is a great one for those days you are feeling a bit under the weather, it has a cities blend that packs a punch.

Essential oils blends are the best bang for your buck. They are my go too for my diffusers. I haven’t gotten to sleep this seasons holiday blends but if they are anything like the ones doTerra had last year I’m really excited. I just ordered mine, I’ll have to leave an update when I get them.

The truffles are also a great idea. Who doesn’t love a good holiday treat. These are perfect to have outfit guests as they come in and out over the holidays. Or a secret Santa for a co worker. So many options with such a great little treat.

For those who aren’t sure about the ultra sonic diffusers, reed diffusers are a great ulternitive, and they look so great too. For the holidays it is only available in the purple colour. I’m more then ok with that as purple is my favourite colour 🙂

The little sachet diffusers are just awesome. I have never seen these before and I love the idea. They would be great for the car, I always buy those scented trees lol I would much prefer to have one of my essential oils blends filling my car with a relaxing aroma for my drive hm from work that’s for sure. I think I would use them in my linens as well. Nothing like getting out of a shower and wrapping yourself up in a cozy great smelling towel.

After my first few oils I was addicted and started a collection of oils for all my different needs. I have oils to help me sleep, some for when I’m feeling under the weather or stuffed up. Oils for waking up and feeling refreshed. Oils for pain and stress. And my favourite, oils for relaxing and sleep. My collection has grown pretty quickly. I got this bamboo unit myself for the oils and I love love it. If you are thinking of starting your own collection, having a place for all your oils is somthing you may want to consider.

Essential oils have become a big part of my daily routine. If you haven’t tryes them before I really think you should. Nothing like using all natural products made from nature to help elevate your health and wellbeing…

If your interested in trying it is super easy…

Follow these easy steps to shopping success:

Step 1: go to http://mydoterra.com/lovepureessentialoilsiad and click on Join & Save link to get your wholesale membership. Enter your info, select the kit you want to start with or the $42 membership packet. Pay with your credit card and check out! So easy.

Make sure to write down your new DoTERRA ID number and password. You’ll need it to log-in and shop!

Step 2: on November 1 log-in to mydoterra.com and use your unique DoTERRA ID number and password – start shopping! Christmas items are while quantities last and they will sell out fast!

Step 3: find out if any of your family & friends want to order anything. Get them to follow these easy steps themselves.

Remember that there will be high demand and be patient! Check in often or wait in the on-line queue for it to open up. It will be worth the wait!

If you have any questions or need help with this just leave a comment below!

Happy Christmas shopping!