Every women dreads the one week a month where we feel like our bodies hate us. We feel like we gained 10lbs, our cloths don’t fit the same, we feel tired and drained, and worst of all the cramps take over our lives. 

No two women have the same effects during this monthly wonder. Some have more of one symptom or the other. However I think we can all agree, we all have the bloated discomfort of cramps and pains. 

Im a women that gets hit super hard from cramps, they keep me up at night, they distract me at work, and sometimes they cause me to have a short fuse for things I can usually tolerate with ease. Its just the way it is. 

The world we live in is ever changing, and industry is filling us up with more and more synthetic products that have very costly long term effects on our health. It is because of this I have sourced out many healthier alternatives to my everyday living. One of those alternatives is the use of therapeutic benefits of essential oils

There is a pill for everything you can think of. Pills for menstrual cramps are something I am very familiar with. I have tried many different ones over the years, some more effective then others. But all of them are toxic in one way or another for your body with long term use. 

The introduction to essential oils has really changed my everyday living and how I car for my body. 

Recently I was introduced to the wonders of Clary Calm. It is a wonder blend that comes in a roller ball and is specially formulated for women for their craps and bloating during their time of month. 

This is not some miracle ju ju magic cure for cramps, but it is a very soothing and relaxing aroma and blend when rolled onto the belly area and area of the cramping. I have very intense cramps. The oil doesn’t get rid of them completely, but it does sooth in a way that is very relaxing and therefore makes it a lot better to manage. 


  • Clary Sage Flower
  • Lavender Flower
  • Bergamont Peel
  • Roman Chamomile Flower
  • Cedarwood
  • Ylang Ylang Flower
  • Geranium Plant 
  • Fennel Seed 
  • Carrot Seed 
  • Palmarosa Herb
  • Vitex Leaf/Berry essential oils

How To Use It:

The best thing about roller balls is that the application is super easy. Clary Calm can be rolled onto the area that you feel you need the most relief. Roller balls are mixed with fractionated coconut oil which allows the essential oils to spread more evenly, it also help the oils absorb into the muscles slowly which helps with a longer positive effect. 


There are physical benefits and aroma benefits. The physical benefits is a warming sensation that soothes the area that is cramping. 

The aroma is also very relaxing. The addition of the Lavender Flower can help relax you if you are feeling stressed or anxious. It will also help you sleep if you are having troubles with that during this time. 

Each of the ingredients offer their own benefits to the blend. Lets take a closer look as each one; 

Clary Sage; is often used to balance estrogen and other hormones associated with PMS

Lavender; has soothing properties and is often used to balance and calm emotions associated with PMS

Berganmont; helps relieve feelings of stress

Roman Chamomile; is antispasmodic and has calming and relaxing properties

Cedarwood; is calming and helps reduce nervous tension

Ylang Ylang; this is an oil that can be pretty expensive on its own, to have it in a blend is great. Its calming and relaxing, it brings a feeling of self love, confidence and joy

Geraniam; may help with hormonal imbalance

Fennel; is often used to help alleviate issues associated with menopause

Carrot Seed; is often used to sooth symptoms related to PMS

Palmarosa; helps reduss stress

Vitex; has been studies for its abilities to regulate estrogen levels. 

Lots and lots of great things found in this blend. Again it is not a magic remedy that takes away all symptoms of PMS and the emotional rollercoaster that comes with it. 

In my opinion, for even a little bit of natural relief using something that is actually good for your body, Im all over it. I have been using this oil blend for a few months now and I love the effects of it. My favourite time to use it is at night. I roll the oil onto my stomach and lower abdominal area, get into my comfy’s, set up my Lavender diffuser and go to bed… Sleep like a baby

If you interested in checking this oil out for yourself Click Here to go to the doTerra site where you can order one for yourself. Or click on any of the images on this page. 

Have any issues or questions? just leave a comment below… 

ENJOY THE RELIEF; it is calming and blissful