About Me

Three years ago in 2014, I was in a really bad car accident. I was rear ended by a driver that was driving way to fast for the weather conditions of that morning. When he hit me, he completely lost control of his car, and ended up hit my car three times. My back bumper, the driver side of my car, only to hit me one last time taking the front of my car off.

I didn’t realize then, but everything else after that day would change. I was spending three days a week in physio and doctors appointment, while trying to balance my already jammed schedule of working two jobs.

I don’t know if you have every experience chronic pain, but it feels like a life sentence. Since My accident I have not know a day without pain. Sleep became a distant memory. My level of activity compared to what it was has pretty much stopped, along with my doctor trying every pain and stress medication she could think of to help, I started to put on weight.. It really felt like everything was spiraling out of control.

So I made the choice to make it stop… I forced myself to do the workouts my physio and message therapist gave me, just a bit at a time, only a few things a day. And I try as much as possible to not take any medications in hopes to start and get my system back on track… I was starting to feel like I was finally making a difference, and then someone introduced me to essential oils. The mix of my new daily stretched and strength exercises in the morning, coupled with peppermint oil on my back and neck, and lavender oil on my feet before bed, and my monthly message appointment, I think I finally found a routine that can bring me back to life. Since I have found essential oils, I haven’t needed pain kills nearly as much, using the diffusers to help relieve stress and the lavender on my feet before bed to help me sleep, has done wonders… I’m so happy I found essential oils, I only started with a few, but as I have learned more about them, there is so many other great potentials, and I have been using them more and more in my daily life..